Suyogi International Spiritual Research Institute

Any yogi who serves others through his/her divine knowledge, wisdom, power and capabilities is “SUYOGI”. Nature has blessed every human with unconditional happiness, good health, wealth and prosperity but due to, lack of right knowledge, negative attitude, wrong habits and blind beliefs people are suffering with diseases, poverty and wasting their time and money after hospitals and canoeists. Suyogi has a resolution for awakening people about hidden natural capabilities of human being. So that any human can enjoy good health, abundant life and spiritual growth. Reiki, Yoga and meditation is the way of balancing your life, revitalizing the body and whole inner structure, increasing the potential and capabilities, enhancing intelligence, becoming self dependent for solutions and bringing creature to its most natural and blissful form. It brings awakening and energetic life.

Our Services And Facilities

The secret art of inviting blessings. The spiritual medicine of all diseases. Morning and night, join your hands in prayer and repeat these words out loud and in your heart for the improvement of body and mind.

Just Practice

  • Focus on begin happy
  • I am choosing serenity
  • Have Courage & be kind
  • Herbal Lotions
  • Bathing Accessories
  • Herbal Shampoo
  • Massage Lotions
  • Porcelain Perfume
  • Flower Vase
  • Spong & Comb

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.