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Hatha is usually translated as ‘force’, but in yogic literature the word hatha is a combination of two mantra, ham and tham. ‘Ham’ correspond to Pingla nadi means the energy of the Sun and ‘Tham’ correspond to the energy of Moon. In the context the term hatha yoga means the yoga through which these tow forces are balanced. However in the last few decades, with the revival of yoga in the west, it seems that the real purpose of Hatha Yoga has been overlooked or even completely forgotten. Now a day, yoga is generally practiced to restore or improve health, to prevent the body form ageing, to reduce stress, to gain flexibility, to build up the body and to make the body beautiful. Hatha Yoga does fulfill all these objectives, but it should be kept in the mind, this is not the true goal of Hatha Yoga. In the Yoga Upanishads Hatha Yoga is described as a means of mental and physical purification and balance. Actually Hatha Yoga prepares aspirant for the practice of Raja Yoga which is the highest form of Yoga practice.

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