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Karma Yoga is one of the main aspects of the yogic discipline, as described in the vadic tradition. Karma is literally translated as ‘action’, which is something performed by everyone in this world. Physical karma performed by everyone are motivated by a desire for self-satisfaction or to achieve something, where the purpose of Karma Yoga is ‘giving’ not ‘taking’. Karma Yoga is selfless service, the path by which the mind is most quickly purified. Karma Yoga is performing action with meditative awareness, form moment to moment. This is the way to eliminate the ego and its attachments, serve humanity without expecting any reward. Every aspect of creation is governed by the law of Karma. It is also action performed by the thoughts and the senses in order to enjoy the fruits of the material world, which lead us towards the bondage, in the end, we gain suffering. The true purpose of Karma Yoga is to lead aspirant towards the higher goal, so the practitioner can understand that doing every action with awareness and right mental attitude can help to harmonize the actions of self and attaining union with the higher self.

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