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According to Sanskrit language the literal meaning of Raja means "king". In this way Raja yoga is considered the king of all yoga types and the "royal path." It is important for each of us to understand the different types of yoga in order to choose the correct path in the fullest possible knowledge of where it should ultimately lead.
Raja yoga is usually known as Ashtanga yoga, or the "eightfold path" that leads us to ultimate liberation. Ancient Sanskrit texts describe Raja yoga as being the ultimate goal of yoga practice. This means that it is considered the state of peace and contentment that comes with constant practice.

The eightfold path or the eight "limbs" of Raja yoga as described by the sage, Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras, are:
1. Yama 
2. Niyama 
3. Asana 
4. Pranayama
5. Pratyahara 
6. Dharana 
7. Dhyana 
8. Samadhi

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